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Want to know more about our 10kw Motor and our other projects? Get in touch today!

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    Shaw House, Malvern, WR14 3ND

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    +44 (0)1684 368523

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    +44 (0)1684 560977

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RIFT-10 is a 10-30 kW e-motor with integrated power electronics. Designed and manufactured in the UK, RIFT-10’s performance improvements over traditional traction motor designs offer significant benefits. These include:

· Equivalent power output achieved using fewer raw materials. RIFT-10’s design has up to 85% reduced copper weight and 85% reduced magnet volume.

· Fewer materials used in manufacturing result in 50%+ less weight compared to competitors.

· The plurality of driving rotors allows torque to be split over individual gear trains producing flatter efficiency. By maintaining a nominal efficiency of over 90% throughout the range of outputs, significant overall efficiency gains over competitors.

· A torque split design enables each gear train to be significantly lighter than a traditional metal/steel gear gearbox.

· A low-cost design compared to alternatives.

· A modular design that is smaller than competitors providing ultimate installation flexibility.

· Smart functionality features that can be specified based on application requirements.

Technological development to date has been enabled with grants provided by the APC and NVN. Company manufacturing readiness advancement is supported by UKRI/ISCF grant funding.

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