James O’Donnell

James O’Donnell is the brains behind Rift Technology. James studied computer science at Brunel University, graduating in 1996 just as the power of the internet was emerging across the world.

After graduation James joined the family computer network service company which has been running successfully for nearly two decades. He has also invested in the family property portoflio which is managed by Chris O’Donnell.

Tony O’Donnell

Tony started work in agrochemical sales and successfully worked for some leading companies including Bayer. He became Bayer’s youngest UK Sales Manager before moving to John Hills of Ledbury in 1990 as MD. Eventually he decided to work for himself and together with his wife started a successful computer business called BITS Computers in 1986

Tonya O’Donnell

Tonya O’Donnell still has yet to type up her biography.





There are many others who work at RIFT Technology, their biographies may appear soon!



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