The story behind Rift Technology

Rift Technology was founded in 2011 by the O’Donnell family and is led by a group of engineers and electronic experts to develop an innovative approach to revolutionising the world’s industry. The vision is to re-invent the way we use electric motors and help the world to to save on the amount of energy used in our daily lives.

Our technology is being trialed in electric motors to make cars with hugely improved performance and there are far reaching applications for manufacturers both in the UK and across the globe.

The brains behind the innovation

The brains behind the technology is Malvern engineer James O’Donnell who made the startling discovery while working on a new form of valve actuator for industrial use.

From his Malvern workshop and using Lego, elastic bands and some electronic wizadry, James developed an elegant re-design of an actuator which really can change the world.

The patented technology is a closely guarded secret but the team at Rift Technology is already working with a number of major manufacturing companies to apply the technology in different fields.

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