RIFT agrees Joint Venture with Kinetic Harvest Research Limited

RIFT were delighted in early April when Andrea Reynolds, Senior Partner of Refresch of London (go to www.refresch.co.uk ) confirmed that the shareholders and principals of Kinetic Harvest Research Limited had agreed to a Joint Venture with RIFT Technology. Under the deal both companies will Licence their Patents for Wind Capture and Electricity Generation to produce a joint product that will deliver a paradigm shift in wind power generators to deliver sustainable energy at the same price or less than fossil fuels.
A new company vehicle for the Joint Venture sales will be called Kinetic Harvest Limited. RIFT Technology holds controlling interest (60%) of this new enterprise and will ensure that the new product, a Small Wind Generator (or SWG), is brought to market within the next 2 years.image900_lee-mccormack-kinetic-harvest-wind-turbine
The target end user cost for the SWG is just over £2000 and it will weigh less than 10 Kgs. It will compete with existing products that can cost and weigh more than 10 times as much. The Kinetic RIFT product will deliver up to 4 kW and work more efficiently over a wider range of wind speeds than any other SWG currently being manufactured anywhere in the world. It will also compete well with the average Solar Panel install; which for example costs an average of £6,800 in the UK and delivers approximately the same electricity output.
The Kinetic Harvest Prototype was proven & validated in Cranfield University’s wind tunnel. It gave a wind augmentation of > 1.7 which equates to a power increase of 500%. When combined with the ultra efficient RIFT Array design it will become a light, cheap to manufacture, and ground breakingly efficient Small Wind Generator that will change the lives of millions of people all over the world.